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I've tried several times since starting this website and setting out working for myself, to write a blog that's meaningful, helpful in some way, and not just the ramblings of an introverted, animal loving, middle aged woman, who spends far more time with horses and vegetables than humans, and I've failed every time! So, now I'm resigning myself to the fact I am all of those things and just going to write about it anyway.

If you're here and reading, chances are you know me anyway from either my bodywork, or maybe my barn manager days, since I've been in Houston. If you don't know me and found me randomly on the internet, my name is Rose. I am an equine bodyworker, currently based in Cypress, TX. I have been in the Houston area since April 2015 and moved here from the UK (where I was born).

I've always been an avid animal lover, with horses being a huge part of my childhood, although I never rode competitively, just because I loved them. I never actually owned my own horse until I lived in Texas, but I worked at my local riding school as a kid and teenager, leased horses and tuned up school horses. My mother is surely disappointed that I didn't stay in school to be a vet and instead dropped out and to work in investment management and accounting, but I would say I have at this point found may way full circle back to where I should be, which was always the alternative and complementary therapy side of things.

While I didn't get my own horse until I moved to Texas as an adult, I did grow up with cats, chickens, a dog and spent a lot of time at my grandparents homestead, which is where I got a love for all things green and baking/cooking. As well as my tendency to hoard all things that may or may not ever be useful!

I have two girls who are very much NOT into horses. Both have ridden at times, mainly to placate me.

I lost my heart mare, and the reason I really left grooming and barn management to take up bodywork, Jordan, in October 2022. I wish I had better documented our time together, but I'm sure her stories will come up.

Right now I have three horses at home. Ruby who is a red pony, and in her late twenties. A previous founder, but currently doing well. Stevie Nyx a just turned 5yo draft cross mare and Midnight Sky, and turning 3yo draft cross mare. My two draft crosses are fairly new and we are still all figuring each other out. I am sure we have many adventures to come!

I also have two cats (failed barn cats), two dogs, some chickens and a large vegetable garden.

I hope to be able to share my bodywork travels as well as my home adventures with anyone who might be interested :-)

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