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And then it was February…

January was pretty slow work wise compared to most other months of the year and I think there are many reasons for that.

Partly it's just been so busy with the holidays and so much going on that a lot of us walk into January needing that time of peace and quiet after the chaos, or simply the weather doesn't cooperate to make it productive for us to be consistent with training.

I think for me, it's been a time of rest, recovery and reflection. It was necessary for it to be a quiet month for me to do what I needed at home and take some time for myself. Which is not something I'm very good at and not something I do often enough, but is important for all of us!

It can be hard in modern times to take time out to rest, as nature does this time of year and Ive been trying to allow myself the time and grace to really feel how I need to and do what's right for my body, as well as to give my horses time to settle in at home before asking too much from them. I want them to have long, healthy lives so am in no rush with them either. Patience is something I'm getting better at with age.

Really we are all designed to be less active, keep warm and hunker down during the winter months. Something we learn in acupressure and TCM training is how to balance the body and return homeostasis, particularly during periods of seasonal change. Wind, cold, damp, are all afflictions of the season and can affect us in different ways. Being well, healthy, balanced individuals (for us and the horses) is especially important to avoid illness. So that's something I try to bear in mind during bodywork sessions this time of year and to be on the lookout for coughs, colds and immune related problems.

With February comes increasing daylight, shedding of coats, increasing warmth, and apparently in Texas, copious amounts of rain!

It also ushers in a much busier period of the year and I am thankful to be almost completely booked out for the forecoming few weeks!

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