We offer various options for your horse, including an integrated, multi-modality bodywork session.

For "the works", modalities used are chosen by your horse during assessment and may not be the same each session.


For more information on each modality, please click the links below:



There are certain contraindications to therapeutic treatment, including but not limited to:

  • infection/fever

  • open wound/bleeding 

  • cancer

  • acute swelling of a tendon or joint, with or without lameness present

  • pregnancy

  • contagious skin conditions

  • EPM - has SPECIFIC protocols and requires a commitment to continue treatment as well as veterinary clearance. 

If your horse presents with any previously undiagnosed contraindications you will be referred back to your veterinarian for approval.



Alternative Therapies are NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, care or diagnosis. Legally I cannot diagnose, prescribe medicine for, apply invasive treatment to or make skeletal adjustments to your horse (for example chiropractic & acupuncture). ALL of those things require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). I can only perform the specific modalities for which I am certified. If I encounter anything that I believe requires veterinary intervention I am obligated to inform you to consult with your primary veterinarian or other equine professional, such as your farrier or saddle fitter.

**veterinary clearance** 

You are required to complete a new client form prior to any session taking place. The Veterinary Board of Texas and requires your primary veterinarian to confirm alternative therapy is appropriate for your horse. This is a legal requirement of the State of Texas and there will be NO exception. 

Your veterinarian is welcome to contact me directly to discuss the plan for your horse. 

Integrative Bodywork Solutions for the Performance & Pleasure Horse

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