We offer a multi-modality, integrative bodywork session.

The techniques used may not be the same each session and can be adapted as necessary for; 

pre/post performance, wellness maintenance, recovery & rehabilitation, those new to bodywork, older horses 



~Soft Tissue Mobilization/Massage/Trigger Point Therapy

~Light Therapy (Red/Blue/Green/NIR) ~ pads & hand held devices available

~PEMF Therapy

~Niagara Equissage Pulse Cylonic Therapy 

~Stability Pads

~Kinesiology Taping

~Cranial Sacral Therapy


MagnaWave/Light Therapy ONLY Session.- $85

MagnaWave/Light Therapy PLUS Niagara Equissage Pulse Session - $100

Standard Integrative Bodywork Session - $100

New Client Integrative Bodywork Session $125

Stand Alone Kinesiology Taping - price varies depending on area

**ALL new clients will be charged a One Hour Session initially as these always require extra time**

**Your session time includes the assessment and write up time at the end. Please ensure your horse is easily accessible; catching your horse, them being covered in mud etc will eat into your session time and may result in you being charged an additional catch or grooming fee**

As a rule my approach is "less is more". I find the best results come from consistent steady work. Horses are sensitive beings and can respond simply to energy, it is my belief that we do not need to be hard on their bodies to create significant progress. Unless you are dealing with compensation from an acute injury, their bodies do not develop patterns of compensation over night and likely will not resolve overnight (although sometimes acute injury can also be a result of chronic overloading due to compensation). Integrative bodywork sessions usually do not require your horse to be off work post session. Pre/Post performance sessions are designed to enhance your training or competition schedule.

We also offer "Tensegrity Balancing Therapy"

This will be a one hour session ~ initial session may run slightly longer.

Owners or the trainer/person responsible for the daily care of the horse are required to attend.

This method, created and taught by Tami Elkayam Equine Therapy involves gentle manual therapy techniques that work with the horse's body and nervous system to help balance postural adaptions and restore functional tensegrity through proprioceptive input. I will show you some of these techniques so you can apply yourself between sessions. Horses will need to be off work the day of treatment and possibly the day after also - at least a lighter day following. Turnout is recommended.

Tensegrity Balancing - First Session - $150

Tensegrity Balancing - Future Sessions - $125


​If you are interested in a specific technique, single modality sessions are available.

For example; you may request to have an Acupressure session, or a MagnaWave only session.

Please contact us to discuss if you have specific requirements for your horse.

For information on our training and certifications, please see out about us page.

Farm Call/Travel Fee May Apply depending on your location and the amount of horses scheduled.

We recommend trying to schedule a group so the fee can be waived!

Good bodyworkers book out in advance because we have a large regular client base - I do my very best to fit you into my schedule, however, in general short notice is not available. 



Alternative Therapies are NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, care or diagnosis. I cannot diagnose, prescribe medicine for, apply invasive treatment to or make skeletal adjustments to your horse (for example chiropractic or acupuncture). ALL of those things require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). I can only perform the specific modalities for which I am certified. If I encounter anything that I believe requires veterinary intervention I am obligated to inform you to consult with your primary veterinarian or other equine professional, such as your farrier or saddle fitter.

**veterinary clearance** 

You are required to complete a new client form prior to any session taking place. The Veterinary Board of Texas requires your primary veterinarian confirms alternative therapy is appropriate for your horse.

**This is a legal requirement of the State of Texas and there will be NO exception.** 

There are contraindications to alternative therapies; if your horse presents with a contraindication you will be referred back to your veterinarian for additional clearance prior to us being able to work with your horse.

Your veterinarian is welcome to contact me directly to discuss an appropriate plan for your horse. 

Integrative Bodywork Solutions for the Performance & Pleasure Horse

Restore Equine LLC