Certified services available in the following single modalities, as well as combined modality sessions.

I offer pricing for single modality sessions or combined, which can be any of the services offered, applied based on the assessment of your horse.

Single modality sessions last approximately 30-45 mins, depending on which service you choose, laser for a single area for example can be 15 mis per area, body balance takes around 30 mins, and PEMF full body is 40 minutes of treatment time with the machine, plus assessment, whereas massage is usually 45 minutes and combined is usually around an hour sometimes more, depending on what is needed. 


All sessions are booked to allow additional time for typing up notes between horses.

Please note, I am not going to cut off your session at the allotted time if your horse has a problem that still needs addressing! That's not how this works. In general, I give more than the stated time, without charging extra. For me it's about what your horse needs, some days this will be less and some days it will be more.

I offer buy 5 get 1 free discounts for local clients who sign up to regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions, either for rehab or wellness maintenance purposes. Farm calls may still apply depending on numbers at your location. These packages can also be applied for any non-local clients whom I see regularly at Great Southwest Equestrian Center during the competition season, regardless of your discipline. 

I am available for hands on help with kinesiology taping. These classes or workshops can be one on one or a group, as well as covering the basic introductory methods or devising specific custom protocols for your horse. Equi-Tape Kinesiology Tape is also available to purchase from me at any session.

Please see new client form below pictures for pricing and click on the listed modalities above for more info on each.


**PLEASE NOTE** Alternative Therapies are NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, care or diagnosis. Legally I cannot diagnose, prescribe medicine or neutraceuticals for, apply invasive treatment to or make skeletal adjustments to your horse (for example chiropractic & acupuncture). ALL of those things require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). I can only perform the specific modalities for which I am certified. If I encounter anything that I believe requires veterinary intervention I am obligated to inform you to consult with your primary veterinarian.

You are required to complete a new client form prior to any session taking place, as well as completing a request for General Veterinary Supervision. Equine Massage & other therapeutic modalities are considered alternative therapy by the Veterinary Board of Texas and require your primary veterinarian to confirm alternative therapy is appropriate for your horse. This is a legal requirement of the State of Texas and there will be NO exception. 

There are certain contraindications to therapeutic treatment, including but not limited to:

  • infection/fever

  • open wound/bleeding 

  • cancer

  • acute swelling of a tendon or joint, with or without lameness present

  • pregnancy

  • contagious skin conditions

  • EPM - has a SPECIFIC protocol and requires a commitment to continue treatment as well as veterinary clearance

If your horse presents with any previously undiagnosed contraindications you will be referred back to your veterinarian.

**Post veterinary clearance** 

Alternative Therapies can be useful tools for post-surgical and post injury recovery, as well as assisting the rehab process. I prefer to view them as "complementary therapies" as they can work very well together with veterinary medicine for the benefit of the horse.


Infrared Thermographic imaging is an excellent supportive diagnostic tool for use in line with your veterinarian's consent to imagine for muscle tears, ischemia, inflammation and more. Our images are available pre and post session and available to your veterinarian to combine with other diagnostic imaging.


New Client Form (including Price List) available for download here >> 

Your form can be emailed to me prior to your session

I do carry printed forms with me if you are unable to download it and complete it beforehand

My email for sending your forms is:

Your veterinarian is welcome to contact me directly to discuss the treatment plan for your horse, and/or attend a session.

Copies of certification are available to you or your veterinarian on request.

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