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We offer a flat rate bodywork session that may incorporate any of the techniques or modalities we are trained in.

Your session will include an assessment and we can create a plan for your horse based on their needs. Whilst we specialize in performance horses & rehabilitation cases we can and do work with all kinds of horses. 

Techniques used may vary per session based on your horse's presentation. The techniques we specialize in are gentle "with the body" tissue release such as myo-fascial release, craniosacral, tensegrity balancing therapy and orthobionomy style positional releases. If you are looking for deep tissue or sports massage, we may not be the right therapist for you, despite being trained in these techniques, we prefer the quieter approach and believe our techniques are highly effective whilst being gentle on the horse's body. 

New clients usually require a longer session for a full assessment.

Pricing for a new client session is slightly higher than follow up sessions for this reason.

It is necessary for either the owner or trainer/caregiver for the horse to be present for this first session. 

We do not charge a travel fee; we either schedule a full day of horses for one barn, or visit local barns on the same day. We cannot travel for single horses unless there are multiple in close proximity.

Hauling to us or to one of the facilities we work out of may be an option.

Your horse should be clean and easily accessible or you may be charged a catch/grooming fee.

Most techniques do not require down time from work, but some do, please discuss this prior to your appointment - pre-performance sessions are not the same as rehabilitation sessions.  

It may be that your horse needs to move after their appointment in order to process and incorporate new proprioceptive input, but not be ridden - turnout, lunging or hand walking may be more appropriate.

We are always happy to demo our equipment used and provide owners with tools & techniques to use themselves and often have equipment available to rent when a horse needs daily use for a period of time. PEMF & Photobiomodulation work at a cellular level to encourage healing and recovery from muscle fatigue as just a couple of examples. They can easily be incorporated into your daily routine for recovery or maintenance purposes.

We use EquiPro Connect to manage our client information, session reporting, invoicing, calendar & forms. 

Please send us an email and we can get you set up with a client portal before your appointment. 

In addition to our flat rate bodywork session, we offer:

Full Tensegrity Balancing Therapy Sessions - owners must be present to learn homework techniques 

Kinesiology Taping training for owners and trainers 


Alternative Therapies are NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, care or diagnosis.

I cannot diagnose, prescribe medicine for, apply invasive treatment to or make skeletal adjustments to your horse (for example chiropractic or acupuncture). ALL of those things require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

I can only perform the specific modalities for which I am certified.

If I encounter anything that I believe requires veterinary intervention I am obligated to inform you to consult with your primary veterinarian or other equine professional, such as your farrier or saddle fitter.

**veterinary clearance** 

You are required to complete an intake form prior to any session taking place.

The Veterinary Board of Texas requires your primary veterinarian confirms alternative therapy is appropriate for your horse.

**This is a legal requirement of the State of Texas and there will be NO exception.** 

ALL client & horse information as well as policy & consent forms are now managed online with EquiProConnect.

There are contraindications to alternative therapies;

if your horse presents with a contraindication or has any new injury or pathology you will be referred back to your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian is welcome to contact me directly to discuss an appropriate plan for your horse.

Integrative Bodywork Solutions for the Performance & Pleasure Horse

Restore Equine LLC

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