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Weekend of recovery

I've spent my "weekend of recovery" pottering about at home, trying not to do "too much", which for some of us isn't easy...

One of the things I've been trying to do is catch up on garden and outside stuff that have been impossible in the bad weather, which has meant installing some of the solar lights I bought over the christmas period and hadn't got around to taking out the boxes yet. I got ones that make pretty patterns!

I've also been checking on the plants to see what did and didn't make it through the freeze, and quite a lot is doing well. Lots of things are almost ready to harvest, like rutabagas and brussel sprouts. Some the first round is done, like brocolli, but I have a second batch I started in the aerogarden to plant outside.

I decided to start a lot of my seeds inside in the aerogarden this year, using the seed insert. So far the tomatoes are probably ahead of where I need them, but they can go out soon as long as we're done with the cold. Pepper germination isn't great yet, but that's probably about heat, so I need a plan for that.

The chickens have been getting the garden scraps as usual. They've starting attacking and eating their own eggs, so I'm working on a plan to stop them doing that.

My neighbor came and helped fix the pipes that busted in the freeze, the horses were REALLY helpful!!!

My tractor is finally working again and I was able to work the arena for the first time in forever, which probably means I need to actually start working horses too...

I'm excited about the days getting longer, because right now it feels a little like there's not enough hours in the day to do all the things, but definitely there's slow progress happening over here amongst the efforts to take care of myself as much as I do of everyone and everything else.

Loooing forward to another week of horses, and to meet some new ones!

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