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Photobiomodulation Therapy

Photobiomodulation is a fancy word for light therapy. Any use of light regardless of the wavelength or the device used can be referred to as photobiomodulation This includes both Lasers and LED devices. Restore Equine uses LED devices and has a number of options available, from handheld devices to pads. Some of these devices are available for short term rental to current clients requiring frequent light therapy protocols for a period of time to help with a specific issue. 


Handheld devices are available in red, blue, green, as well as combined red & infrared wavelengths. 

Currently we have pads with red light and a combination of red and infrared light wavelengths. 

Some of our pads have a set time and frequency and some are adjustable.

The power of the device in question will affect the duration required to get full benefits of the light.

We are certified by The Photonic Therapy Institute and recommend this organization for anyone looking for light therapy education. We are also Board Certified in Equine & Human Light Therapy by BANHS. 


Photopuncture is the use of  light or laser on acupoints. There are many benefits to using light over other methods on acupoints: some horses are not appreciative of needles at all. Some acupoints can be painful, therefore the horse may react negatively to pressure or a needle insertion whereas the light is well tolerated. With acupressure you need to sedate or tonify a specific point, whereas light will automatically balance the point as needed. It is documented that an acupoint can be stimulated by light within 2-10 seconds, whereas acupressure can take several minutes and needles can take 20 minutes or more, this reduces the amount of time it takes to have a positive impact on the horse. 


I use AAH handheld lights both for photopuncture and for photobiomodulation on smaller areas of the body. They come in a variety of wavelengths (colors) with varying benefits. Please read below for more information on each light. Dosing charts are available for these lights and we can work with your veterinarian to create a plan with appropriate energy input for using PBMT to help with healing from injuries.

You can see more about the AAH Lights I use here or purchase your own on the AAH Website at 10% discount using my discount code RoseAAH10



Revita Vet offers wireless red light 650nm 5mw peak, and battery pack red/infrared combined 640/880nm 100mw peak pads.  - some specifically shaped for certain anatomical areas, such as the poll and hocks. These are perfect both for the practitioner to incorporate into a bodywork session as they operate entirely hands free, allowing me to carry on with massage, or photopuncture while they are working their magic, or for the horse owner to use on a regular basis themselves. The benefits are felt wherever the pads are applied as well as affecting acupoints in those regions for a bodywide effect. 

Restore Equine clients can purchase RevitaVet products for a 15% discount, either from me directly, or from the RevitaVet website using the discount code "restoreequine" and as I use these products frequently in my sessions you are welcome to ask for a demonstration.

Please see this page for more information on the RevitaVet products I use.

LZR UltraBright

Another very powerful tool in out kit is the LZR UltraBright. This device operates at red & NIR with a huge power of 12500MW.

This makes treatment time with this device very low. 

Integrative Equine Bodywork

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