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RevitaVet has a range of simple to use yet highly effective red & infra red light pads. I use these products in almost all my sessions and highly recommend them to my clients for use in between professional bodywork sessions.


Please use code restoreequine on their website for a 15% discount!


I am always happy to demo these to clients and fellow equine professionals.


They have wireless (red light 650n 5mw) red light pads - some specifically shaped for certain anatomical areas, such as the poll and hocks. These are perfect both for the practitioner to incorporate into a bodywork session as they operate entirely hands free, allowing me to carry on with massage, or photo puncture while they are working their magic, or for the horse owner to use on a regular basis themselves.

The benefits are felt wherever the pads are applied, so for the poll cap for example:

  • Stiffness

  • Headaches

  • Stress

  • Teeth grinding

  • Behavioral problems

  • Head tension & head tilting

  • TMJ

  • Frontal sinuses

  • Poll area

  • 1st and 2nd cervical vertebrae

And the hock savers:

  • Joint inflammation

  • Bog spavins

  • Bone spavins

  • Thoroughpins

  • Curbs

  • Intratarsal joints

  • Digital, flexor and extensor tendons

  • Major accupoints

They also have higher powered red/infrared combined products in their IR2 Complete system which operate at 650nm/5mw and 880nm/100mw and a range of Nogier frequencies, with adjustable session times. 


• Excellent Therapy On Horses, Dogs, and All Other Mammals

• Promotes Healing 

• Reduces Inflammation & Relieves Pain

• Stimulates Acupuncture Points

• Raises Performance Levels Without Medications

• Works On The Cellular Level

• Fights Infection On Open Wounds

• Non-Invasive & No Known Side Effects

• Works Well With Other Modalities

• Portable, Safe And Easy To Use

• Reduces Medical Bills

• Ideal For Preventative Maintenance & Rehab

Integrative Equine Bodywork

Restore Equine LLC

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