Magnawave pemf

I am a Certified Magnawave PEMF Practitioner (CMWP) for horses, small animals & humans.

Sessions are recorded on the practitioner mobile app Cavanti and you will receive a report via email.

The specific machine I use is approved for FEI use as it’s output meets their legal requirements, and can be used on the show grounds prior to showing as well as afterwards for optimal recovery.

PEMF is contraindicated for use in cases of the following scenarios:

  • pregnancy

  • cancer undergoing current treatment (chemotherapy, particularly targeted therapy)

  • acute injury; active bleeding, inflammation and joint effusion - this requires veterinary attention. 

  • infection/fever

  • the presence of any electronic implants (such as a pacemaker)

We will thoroughly review your horse's health before use of MagnaWave to ensure your horse's safety.

 ***Please retain your vet's approval prior to treatment, this is state law***

Magnawave is not contraindicated post surgery or injury (after active bleeding has ceased), can be used to aid healing over sutures, and can be used for anti-inflammatory purposes post veterinary clearance.

MagnaWave & EPM


MagnaWave CAN be used in horses with EPM, however client's need to note that the horse may display worse symptoms after a single session before showing progress with multiple sessions. This is due to mobilization of the protozoa that cause EPM in the system following the initial treatment. Therefore anyone wishing to use PEMF for EPM needs to agree to multiple sessions, initially 2 or 3 in one week before re-assessment, this is a requirement of MagnaWave. Sessions cannot be started while the horse is still taking medication (such as Marquis), they must be finished their course of treatment. We will need veterinary approval, and to assess for practitioner safety, as severely neurological horses can be a danger to those around them.

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