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I am a Certified Magnawave PEMF Practitioner (CMWP) for horses, small animals & humans.

Magnawave PEMF therapy restores health at a cellular level by improving cell metabolism. PEMF has been proven to have neurological, physiological and psychological benefits. It can be used to treat the whole body or specific areas or injuries, is non-invasive, drug free, is not painful and does not require sedation.

PEMF can improve function, performance, range of motion, speed, and strength by increasing circulation and oxygenation, reducing inflammation & consequently relieving associated pain.

Sessions are recorded on the practitioner mobile app Cavanti and you will receive a report via email.

The specific machine I use is approved for FEI use as it’s output meets their legal requirements, and can be used on the show grounds prior to showing as well as afterwards for optimal recovery.

What happens in MagnaWave session?

Magna Wave is applied at a low to medium-strength setting for a generalized treatment, and adjusted depending on your horse's sensitivity.  The effect is a penetrating but comfortable "cellular massage" to relieve discomfort and stress.  In this mode, the operator retains the ability to recognize more sensitive areas and then treat accordingly.  Note that muscular twitches during the "pulsing" phase of the treatment indicate areas of cellular dysfunction associated with tissue restriction, ischemia, or tension.

Your horse's first MagnaWave session begins by introducing him to the device.  Once your horse is comfortable with the off-power device, I will switch the MagnaWave on to familiarize him with the "clicking" sound of the pulse.  Next, I will bring the paddle/loop toward your horse's body and apply it to a non-sensitive region, usually his shoulder.  Once your horse is at ease with the pulsing sensation, I will then make adjustments to the power setting before sweeping the paddle/loop all over his body to locate sensitive areas.  Following this initial assessment and our discussion of goals, the MagnaWave will be used to target problem areas and to incorporate them into a whole-body session for systemic healing.  The majority of the session I will use the large "Equine Wings" double loop. I have smaller loops and a paddle that can be used to more sensitive areas, specific treatment of injury or hooves (abscess, laminitis, navicular), and full legs treatments. 

What does the MagnaWave actually do TO my horse?

MagnaWave essentially acts as a massage for your horse's cells.  When touched to your horse, the MagnaWave paddle or loop sends a pulsing magnetic field deep into his body. This affects the charge of the cell, making the cell membranes become more permeable, allowing the cells to exchange metabolic waste for oxygen and nutrients essential for muscular energy.   This exchange process facilitates rapid cellular rebalancing, which in turn improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and interrupts pain signals to the horse's brain.

What are the benefits of PEMF therapy, and what is it used to treat?

PEMF therapy is clinically proven to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, accelerate the rebuilding of bone and the healing time for wounds, increase oxygenation of cells and increase the absorption of ATP.

PEMF decreases:

  • pain

  • stiffness 

  • inflammation 

  • edema

  • spasms 

  • stress 

  • cellular waste

PEMF increases:

  • circulation

  • energy

  • cellular nutrition

  • neuromuscular response

  • cellular metabolism

  • utilization of nutrients

  • flexibility

  • immunity

  • bone density

  • range of motion

  • strength

  • stamina

How does it show areas of sensitivity and malfunction?

Muscle tissue fasciculates in problem areas due to molecular movement in the cells—only tissues containing imbalanced cells are acted upon by the pulse.  Chemically and electrically balanced areas do not react to PEMF.  

Is it the same as static magnetic therapy, like magnetic blankets and boots?

While the basis of therapy is similar, the difference is in the delivery method, which acts more deeply and efficiently upon the body.  The higher power of MagnaWave provides shorter treatment times and immediate results.  What a magnetic blanket can do in 2-3 weeks, the MagnaWave can do in 10 minutes.

The specific machine is use is not the highest powered machine that MagnaWave offers. This is because there is an FEI limit on the amount of power you are allowed to use for PEMF devices at FEI events. The machines operate the same pulse, which means they treat the body the exact same way with the exact same results. The only difference between the super high powered and my machine is that my machine operates at a limit of 1000 gauss at highest output - this meets the FEI regulations. Higher powered machines create the same effect in the body, however because of the higher power offer shorter treatment times. Therefore I offer a treatment time of 45 mins for a full body session as opposed to 20-25 which may be offered by someone with a higher powered machine. It is my personal experience (based on the reaction of horses that I have worked on) that the higher output is not always tolerated, even with my machine not all horses can tolerate the highest setting, nor do I usually need to go that high to get results. Many people when they feel the output of the machine expect it to hurt, almost like a TENs unit, and this is not the sensation that we are looking for with PEMF. The machine is working in the tissues at a cellular level, even when you can't FEEL or SEE what it's doing.

Why treat the whole body and not just the problem area?

In treating any condition, the balance and participation of all systems need to be considered—merely targeting a site of injury may bring short-term relief, but a whole-body treatment will efficiently balance all systems in order to facilitate overall wellness.  In the case of MagnaWave, improving cellular health means improving total health and comfort.

How soon can the horse be worked after treatment?

Immediately!  No downtime or recovery is needed. As with massage, it is beneficial for your horse to move around after treatment rather than to go and stand in a stall. Handwalking or turnout is adequate, your horse does not necessarily need to be worked hard, movement is enough.

Can it be used pre-event?

I suggest new MagnaWave clients to schedule their horse's first session well in advance of their horse's performance in order to assess for individual reactions.  Many horses are more relaxed after a treatment and may lack the edge desired before a speed event, therefore it may make sense in these cases to have your session a few days up to the night beforehand.  Other horses definitely enjoy the boost of energy MagnaWave provides and are ready to perform immediately! Other's who may be finding competing stressful or are suffering from tension will definitely benefit from the relaxation properties MagnaWave can provide pre-competition.  If your horse is experienced with PEMF therapy, you may already know that he's one of the "good-to-go" guys or that he will require that extra relaxation on site at the horse show.  Otherwise, I recommend first trying MagnaWave at a minimum of the day prior to your class. The key here is that each horse is an individual and it is best to know how your horse responds to treatment prior to using in a competition environment.

How long does a treatment take?

Normal treatment time is 40 minutes per horse for a full body session with Equine Wings. This can be extended to an hour to include full treatment of the legs and/or feet with the smaller loop or paddle. This is especially beneficial if your horse is recovering from a specific injury to the leg or hoof, or has recently had joint injections. 

How quickly will my horse benefit from treatment?

Pain relief is immediate.  As circulation and blood oxygenation are primary effects of a MagnaWave treatment, whole-system benefits will build for up to 72-hours after a session.

How long do results last?

Depending on the condition and the severity of the condition for which MagnaWave is sought, results can last days, weeks, or permanently.  As a general guideline, expect an injury such as a torn suspensory ligament to heal in approximately half the normal time when treated with MagnaWave. Any problematic areas that continue to show up after repeated sessions will require a referral to your veterinarian or saddle fitter to investigate.

What are the side effects?

For unconditioned horses, the muscular contraction stimulated by PEMF therapy can cause minor soreness, similar to a light workout after inactivity.  Extensive clinical research demonstrates that this is the only side effect.  MagnaWave is 100% safe.

Who should not use MagnaWave?


PEMF is contraindicated for use in cases of the following scenarios:

  • pregnancy

  • cancer undergoing current treatment (chemotherapy, particularly targeted therapy)

  • acute injury; active bleeding, inflammation and joint effusion - this requires veterinary attention. 

  • infection/fever

  • the presence of any electronic implants (such as a pacemaker)

We will thoroughly review your horse's health before use of MagnaWave to ensure your horse's safety.

 ***Please retain your vet's approval prior to treatment, this is state law***

Magnawave is not contraindicated post surgery or injury (after active bleeding has ceased), can be used to aid healing over sutures, and can be used for anti-inflammatory purposes post veterinary clearance.

MagnaWave & EPM


MagnaWave CAN be used in horses with EPM, however client's need to note that the horse may display worse symptoms after a single session before showing progress with multiple sessions. This is due to mobilization of the protozoa that cause EPM in the system following the initial treatment. Therefore anyone wishing to use PEMF for EPM needs to agree to multiple sessions, initially 2 or 3 in one week before re-assessment, this is a requirement of MagnaWave. Sessions cannot be started while the horse is still taking medication (such as Marquis). We will need veterinary approval, and to assess for practitioner safety, as severely neurological horses can be a danger to those around them.

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