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Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources - Equine & Canine classes & products relating to Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's theories and all things Animal Acupressure. I am in the process of certifying as an Acupressure Practitioner through Tallgrass (hands on classes pending) and highly recommend for both Equine Professionals looking to obtain further knowledge and skills for their practice and for owners looking at a way to add a skill they can use themselves. Get 5% off products with code ROSEGILLIES

Angel's Holistic Animal's - Equine & Canine massage, kinesiology taping, cranial sacral, cold laser therapy & reiki classes for owners & those looking to be practitioners. I have taken all of her classes and recommend them. There are very often discount codes on classes, please email me and I can look this up for you!

Equi-Tape - retailers of equine kinesiology tape and classes for both practitioner certification and owner/trainer introductory classes. This is the tape I use personally on my horse and client horses. Tape is also available to purchase from me directly during your bodywork session, and hands on workshops for introductory methods are available from me too.

Hand's on Grooming Gloves - I recommend these to all my client's. A great tool not just for grooming but to really get "hand's on" with your horse's body, they can be used both wet and dry, added bonus is they really enjoy it! I use these with my horse and my dog.

Magnawave PEMF - Purchase your own PEMF device from Magnawave for personal or professional use. Each machine comes with certification which covers equine, small animal and human use. Machines are very often available to purchase second hand, however I would recommend buying new and certifying with your purchase.

Dr Kellon - Valuable information for horse owners and anyone in the horse industry. Dr Kellon is not looking to sell you a product and is simply providing in depth yet easily understandable information. I have taken a number of these classes myself and highly recommend them. Classes available in nutrition, common equine issues such as PPID & EPM, how to understand bloodwork and radiographs. Many of these classes are part of the hours required for Tallgrass, Equinology & the USDF University program. She also has a free blog here.

Equi-First Aid Texas & A Stable Connection - providing Equine ( and Canine) First Aid, Safe Trailering, Emergency Management, and Rider Biomechanics in Texas and beyond. I have taken part in a number of these clinics myself and can highly recommend them.

Phototonic Healthretailers of redlight pads and (in my opinion) the best photopuncture light on the market. Also classes and courses for both practitioner certification and owner/trainer information on how to incorporate red light acupoint work and red light pad therapy into your horse's routine for health and wellness maintenance. 

Hyperice - Retailers of the Hypervolt machine I personally use on myself and my horse. In my opinion the best (and quietest) massage gun on the market and suitable for equine use. Please consult with a trained equine professional and your veterinarian prior to using any device on your horse.

AIMLA - The American Institute of Medical Laser Applications. Classes available regarding the scientific basis of medical laser applications as well as certifying for equine and small animals, and veterinary technicians for cold laser therapy.

Thermology/Teletherm Infrared - Classes available in the veterinary application of thermographic (infrared) imaging. A veterinarian trained in this technology is required to read and interpret images taken by a certified technician. Many equine therapists are now using non medical grade infrared cameras attached to cell phones to show difference in body temperatures pre and post sessions. Please ensure your therapist has adequate training in their technology and an appropriate clinical grade camera, and avoid anyone who is leaning towards an illegal diagnosis on your horse - this requires a veterinarian! However, infrared imaging is a relatively inexpensive (in comparison to other diagnostic imaging methods) and non-invasive method that is becoming more popular and useful within the veterinary field as training and research increases in this area.

Equissage Texas - Hands on Equine Sports Masage Classes for CESMT certification in Boerne Texas

The Masterson Method - Both practitioner level classes and information for horse owners and trainers on incorporating this method into their horse's routine to maintain wellness. I have not yet completed the certification process, but throughly recommend their books, videos and classes to all! 

IAAMB - The International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. Provides information about licensing laws by state in the USA, as well as listing certified member practitioners and approved schools. Provides insurance options for qualified members

AOPP - The Association of PEMF Professionals. Certification, lists of practitioners, and scientific research about PEMF. 

**Please note that this page contains affiliate links on some but not all of these companies and organizations. ALL of the links on this page are to classes I have personally taken or products I use, either professionally or personally. I would not recommend anything I wasn't using myself and 100% happy with.

Please contact me if you would like further information**

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