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Equi-Tape Hands on Practicum

Ready to experience hands-on training with the Equi-Taping Methodology? One of the fastest growing modality’s in the world, equine kinesiology taping is a versatile and effective skill to include in your practice or in your horse care program. This class is designed for healthcare professionals who are looking to become Certified Equi-Tape Practitioners but is open to anyone committed to learning the modality.

The class will review the material taught in the online Fundamentals of Equi-Taping course and give students the opportunity to participate in live demonstrations of all aspects of the Methodology. Students will learn how to effectively use the modality in all training, care, and rehabilitation scenarios.


Students will also be challenged to complete all applications taught in the online course under the guidance of the educator. Students will also practice live case studies in preparation for the exam and for real-world scenarios.


Bonus Material: Using Equi-Tape in Conjunction with other Therapeutic Modalities 

Equi-Tape Educator Rose Gillies is experienced in PEMF, Light Therapy, Acupressure, Massage and more! She will share her experience in the field with clients and about her journey with her own horses. Demonstration of advanced applications will be included as time allows.


Who is eligible to attend this practicum?


The completed Fundamentals of Equi-Taping online course is the prerequisite to taking this in-person practicum as class is geared towards those who are familiar with equine anatomy and the basics of equine kinesiology taping.


For Professionals: 

Register here for the Fundamentals Online Class

Non Professionals - Find out more about the Fundamentals Class here

What is included in practicum?

·    All material will be provided for the day including tape, scissors, and practice horses.

·    A half day of instruction & hands on practice 

·    Water will be provided

There will also be tape available to purchase to take home - please try and let me know in advance what you think you will need so I can ensure I am fully stocked!

You can register for scheduled classes below - please contact me if you need to register and pay by a different method.Payment is required to hold your space, as space is limited. 

If nothing is listed below, or this date does not work for you, please contact us for a new date!

It is recommended that you do some taping at home prior to coming but is not required as this class is designed to practice and build your confidence.

One on one tuition available

Register for class 10/30 2021

9am - 1pm

Class fee is $250

Thanks for submitting!

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