Kinesiology Taping for Horses

Kinesiology taping works by decompressing tissue, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, activating or relaxing a muscle, and speaking directly to the horse's nervous system through receptors. 90% of free nerve endings are located within the sub-dermal fascia and kinesiology tape can directly influence these nerve endings.


Through it's relationship with the epidermis, fascia and nervous system, as well as it's ability to stretch with the horse's movement, Equi-Tape can help with the following issues:

  • scar tissue and adhesions

  • pain relief

  • support of joints

  • lymphatic drainage & “stocking up”

  • contusions

  • acupressure points & meridians

  • multiple types of injuries such as flexor tendon and suspensory strains/sprains

  • release of tension & muscle spasms

  • proprioceptive deficits

  • fascial release

Please note that acute injuries require veterinary assessment & diagnosis.

Equi-Tape can also be used for wound care - it has medical grade adhesive, is breathable and allows full range of motion.

It does not contain any medicine within it's adhesive, the effects are all based around the body's response to the decompressive action.

Equi-Tape Workshops

Whilst the majority of Equi-Tape education is available online, I am approved to teach the Introductory Class in person. The class covers the taping applications from the online class, includes the tape used in the class and a manual to take home. Additional tape is available to purchase. We also recommend the purchase of an introduction to taping kit from Equi-Tape. This class is also ideal for anyone who has taken the online class and wants to repeat in person, some times you just need some hands on practice to gain some confidence!

The class can be taught in small groups, or one on one, and price will vary depending on numbers and travel accordingly. 

We recommend owners and trainers take this class to enable us to work with you and develop a taping protocol for your horse that you can reapply between professional sessions for maximum benefit to your horse. Restore Equine is all about empowering owners to better care for their horses.

Please contact us for more info.

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