equitape kinesiology taping for horses

Kinesiology taping works by decompressing tissue, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, activating or relaxing a muscle, and speaking directly to the horse's nervous system through receptors. 90% of free nerve ending are located within the sub-dermal fascia and kinesiology tape can directly influence these nerve endings to affect proprioception. It is still being researched as to why these proprioceptive nerve endings can switch into nociceptive (pain) receptors which override the proprioceptive input, but it IS known that kinesiology taping can help switch this nociceptive response back again.


Through it's relationship with the epidermis, fascia and nervous system, as well as it's ability to stretch with the horse's movement, Equi-Tape can help with the following issues:

  • scar tissue and adhesions

  • pain relief

  • support of joints

  • lymphatic drainage & “stocking up”

  • contusions

  • acupressure points & meridians

  • multiple types of injuries such as flexor tendon and suspensory strains/sprains

  • release of tension & muscle spasms

  • proprioceptive deficits

  • fascial release

Please note that acute injuries require veterinary diagnosis.

Equi-Tape can also be used for wound care - it has medical grade adhesive, is breathable and allows full range of motion.

It does not contain any medicine within it's adhesive, the affects are all based around the body's response to the decompressive action.

As well as taping for horses, I am also certified to apply a number of taping protocols on humans for common rider issues. 

The Equi-Taping Method

Equi-Tape® works by adhering to the skin with an elastic quality, which allows it to decompress the skin to help relieve pressure and pain, increase lymph and blood flow, and accelerate oxygen availability for healing. It can also aid in removing toxins commonly associated with injury and overuse in areas with edema.


The use of Equi-Tape can help your horse become and stay sounder longer. Equi-Tape can increase your horse’s athletic potential by aiding the quality of your horse’s movement through increased joint and muscle flexibility, strength, and recovery. Train harder and recover quicker!


Equi-Tape can be effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, soreness and stiffness.  Equi-Tape can be useful for horse’s who exhibit: tense or shortened muscles, joint swelling, ligament/tendon or other soft tissue damage including; trigger points, scar tissue and lymph or fascia related issues. Equi-Tape can also help restore full range of motion.

Overall Benefits of Equi-Taping®

  • Increase oxygen supply and circulation

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Aid in shortening healing and recovery time

  • Decrease inflammation, swelling and associated pain

  • Aid in toxin removal and increase natural metabolism of by-product build-up to help muscles and joints work more efficiently

  • Support joints, tendons and ligaments

  • Assist joint and muscle movement encouraging full range of motion making it advantageous for use in training programs

What is the Equi-Taping Method®?

The Equi-Taping Method refers to techniques, protocols, and training behind successful application of tape, which takes into consideration desired goals or outcomes. Below are categories applications fall under.

  • Muscle Relaxation Tapings

  • Muscle Assist Tapings

  • Joint/Tendon/Ligament Tapings

  • Circulation Tapings – Fan / Basket Weave

  • Fascia Release Tapings

  • Localized Decompression / Spot Tapings

  • Practitioner Advanced Tapings – Acupuncture, Sensory, biomechanical, etc.

Whilst Kinesiology Tape is not allowed to be worn during certain USEF/FEI regulated competitions, it IS allowed to be worn before and after competing on site at shows. It can also be used during competitions that are not regulated by USEF & the FEI.

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