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Rosemary Gillies, CESMT, CMWP, CEMFT, CEKTP

I have been a lifelong lover of horses. I was "that horse kid" and spent every possible minute at my local riding school and training facility, doing anything from yard work and grooming to exercising horses to earn more lessons and spend more time with horses. I completed my highschool work experience with a professional showjumping facility and have ridden, leased & owned off-track thoroughbreds as my personal horses both throughout my childhood and since returning to horses as an adult. The king of horses will always be very special and the proper rehab, retraining and rehoming of track horses is very important to me. Whilst I am not currently able to be involved in this as much as I would like, I try to donate to various Thoroughbred programs.

I took a break from horses for several years after leaving school to work in the finance industry and have a family. I came back to horses after moving to Texas in 2015, first grooming for USDF Gold Medalist dressage trainers and then moving into barn management, before deciding to go back into education and certify in various equine alternative therapies as well as studying Equine Sciences, including biomechanics for performance horses and anatomy. My studies are ongoing and may never end!


I have my current horse, Jordan (Charming Art) to blame for falling into the rabbit hole of bodywork and alternative therapy and the benefit it has horses of all ages and abilities.

I have seen first hand the results of using traditional veterinary medicine alongside alternative methods in keeping her performing at her best and competing successfully, despite her perceived physical limitations from previous trauma. 

As of November 2019 she is successfully competing at a National Level at USDF Second Level and placed 7th overall in Kentucky at USDF Finals at Second Level Freestyle. 


In my experience, people often turn to alternative therapies after a long road of lameness or inconclusive health issues & when traditional methods have been exhausted. However, in my opinion, the best way to keep all horses feeling and performing at their best, regardless of their age and workload, is to combine veterinary medicine and preventative care with a therapeutic maintenance program, before problems & injuries arise.


A functional integrative approach for the equine athlete is important in all equestrian disciplines, especially but not exclusively at the competitive level. This includes having a good farrier, correct nutrition & adequate conditioning as parts of a team approach to ensure your horse's overall wellness, to prevent, reduce or delay the occurrence of destructive inflammatory processes and consequential disease and injury. 


Alternative therapies are not a replacement for adequate veterinary care and diagnosis - I work alongside your DVM and other equine professionals to assist in keeping your horse(s) healthy, fit, supple, sound and performing to the best of their ability, as well as helping them to recover faster should injury occur.

My work is limited to the certified, non-invasive, drug free modalities of:

  • Equine Massage

  • MagnaWave PEMF

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • LLLT / Class 3b Cold Laser Therapy 

Certifications & Classes

  • Equine Sports Massage Therapy

  • Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy 

  • Equine Trigger Point Therapy

  • MagnaWave PEMF Practitioner

  • AIMLA Equine Laser Certification

  • Equine (& Equestrian) Kinesiology Tape Practitioner

  • Equi-tape Practitioner - Distinction

  • Rocktape FMT Equine

  • Basic & Advanced Equine Emergency First Aid

  • Human Emergency First Aid 

  • Reiki Level I

  • Management of The Equine Environment

  • Introduction to Biomechanics

  • Equine Anatomy & Health Considerations

  • Biomechanics - Understanding Horse Movement

  • Recognizing Issues That Affect Performance Horse

  • Masterson Method Weekend Seminar

  • Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage Home Study Class

Ongoing Education

I am a firm believer that when it comes to horses you never know everything;

each one is different and teaches you something new and valuable to take forward to the next one. 

The equine world is also constantly changing and adapting to new ideas and protocols in both medicine, alternative therapeutics and within the various disciplines and governing bodies.  I undertake classes and continue with my education to learn new techniques and keep up with these changes as they apply to my practice and my clients.

Some additional programs I am currently working through:

  • Masterson Method Practitioner

  • Equine CranioSacral Therapy

  • Equine Science - University of Guelph

  • Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding

  • NBCAAM Board Certification (massage)

  • Tallgrass Animal Accupressure Institute Equine Certification

  • Dr Kellon - Equine Nutrition

I am a competing AA member of USDF, USEF, AQHA, & the Houston Dressage Society.

I am a practitioner member of the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork.

I am fully insured by Hands on Trade Association.

Copies of certifications and insurance available on request.

bodywork solutions for the performance & pleasure horse

Rosemary Gillies - CESMT, CEMFT, CMWP, CEKTP


Restore Equine LLC

Certified Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Equi-Tape Kinesiology Tape Practitioner & PEMF Practitioner 

AIMLA Certified for Equine Laser Therapy

Services: Equine Massage, PEMF (Magnawave) Therapy, Kinesiology Taping for Horses & Riders, Cold Laser/LLLT.

Based in Katy, Texas and servicing the Greater Houston area.



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