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Why Bodywork?

It is my experience that people often turn to complementary therapies after a long road of lameness or inconclusive health issues or when traditional methods have been exhausted. However, in my opinion, the best way for horses feel and perform at their best, regardless of their age and workload/discipline, is to combine veterinary preventative care, correct nutrition, farriery and exercise with a therapeutic wellness program; the whole horse holistic approach.

A functional integrative approach for the equine performance athlete has become important in all disciplines, just as it is for human athletes, but this approach is not limited to the competitive animal, it is valuable to all our horses; the weekend warrior, the retiree, the rescue project, the lesson or therapy horse. Don't we all want the best for our horses?

Prevention is better than cure...

Whilst illness and injury may never be completely avoidable, it is entirely possible to incorporate a team approach to ensure your horse's overall wellness; to prevent, reduce or delay the occurrence of destructive inflammatory processes and compensatory patterns.

A consistent program of correct diet & exercise, alongside bodywork, with good management of the environment can maintain the body in an optimum state to heal should an accident or injury occur and help to manage chronic processes.

Our speciality is performance horses, however we work with ALL horses to help maintain or restore good function and performance.

Integrative Bodywork Solutions for the Performance & Pleasure Horse

Restore Equine LLC

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