Thermographic infrared imaging

Thermographic imaging is becoming increasingly popular in the Equine world as a complementary diagnostic tool. It can narrow down areas of suspicion where horses have an unknown injury. It can also show early inflammatory processes in the body prior to any lameness or pathology and is being researched as a preventative method of diagnosis. It is also frequently used pre and post workout and pre and post bodywork session to show the effects of training and cool down in your horse, as well as increases in circulation and reduction of ischemia created through tissue manipulation. 

Thermographic imaging is already used successfully in human medicine, for example studies show that thermal imaging can be a better diagnostic tool for the early diagnosis of breast cancer, compared to mammograms. It yet to reach the same level of acceptance in the veterinary community, largely due to the volume of unqualified people taking sub clinical images, is is becoming more popular in recent times and is the subject of a lot of research currently.

Thermographic imaging, in order to have any clinical value needs to be taken under specific protocols and conditions, with great care taken over ambient temperatures, pictures angles and so forth. It also requires a medical grade camera, not a device that can connect to a smart phone. 

Whilst I have completed my certification with Thermology, I am currently not charging for this service while I gain more experience in it. I am happy to add imaging to your existing bodywork session(s) as long as you let me know in advance so I can allow for appropriate session length. Imaging is available to your veterinarian if abnormalities are discovered for ongoing investigation.

Some of the things thermographic imaging can be helpful in identifying are:

  • Muscle tears or strain

  • Nerve Damage, usually showing as ischemia to areas of the body/limbs

  • Abscesses

  • Tendon or Ligament injury

  • Abnormal areas of inflammation from trauma

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