Equine Massage

I am certified in Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy (CEMFT). This includes several techniques such as swedish, shiatsu, myofascial release & gua sha as well as stretching (positional release) to reduce tension and increase range of motion.

I am also certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy (CESMT) - Equissage Texas. This certification includes a specific sequence using several techniques to increase blood flow into ischemic tissue, separate muscle fibers and reduce or eliminate adhesions and fibrosis.

Massage can be tailored for the performance or pleasure horse, including retired horses and those on layup, and can be used a day or two before an event to prepare, post class for recovery and as a general maintenance program. Depending on your horse’s needs, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions would be recommended.

Some benefits of Equine Massage:

  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction

  • Increased Flexibility of Soft Tissue

  • Reduction of Edema

  • Enhancement of Waste & Toxin Elimination

  • Maintenance of Good Posture & Body Balance

  • Prevention of Atrophy in Inactive Muscles

  • Improvement in Athletic Performance

  • Loosening & Softening of Scar Tissue

  • Release of Endorphins (pain reduction)​


The specific techniques used may vary each session depending on how your horse presents.

Sessions are recorded on the practitioner mobile app Cavanti and you will receive a report via email.

MagnaWave PEMF

I am a Certified Magnawave PEMF Practitioner (CMWP) for horses, small animals & humans.

Magnawave PEMF therapy restores health at a cellular level by improving cell metabolism. PEMF has been proven to have neurological, physiological and psychological benefits. It can be used to treat the whole body or specific areas or injuries, is non-invasive, drug free, is not painful and does not require sedation.

PEMF can improve function, performance, range of motion, speed, and strength by increasing circulation and oxygenation, reducing inflammation & consequently relieving associated pain.

Non-invasive, and immediately effective, PEMF therapy is clinically proven to:

  • Decrease pain & muscle spasm

  • Increase blood flow (circulation) in both deep & superficial tissues

  • Stimulate bone and soft tissue healing

  • Reduce inflammation

Sessions are recorded on the practitioner mobile app Cavanti and you will receive a report via email.

The specific machine I use is approved for FEI use as it’s output meets their legal requirements, and can be used on the show grounds prior to showing as well as afterwards for optimal recovery.

Kinesiology Taping - Equitape

Cranial Sacral

Kinesiology taping works by decompressing tissue, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, activating or relaxing a muscle, and speaking directly to the horse's nervous system through receptors in the skin. It can help with the following problems:

  • scar tissue and adhesions

  • pain relief

  • support of joints

  • lymphatic drainage & “stocking up”

  • contusions

  • acupressure points & meridians

  • multiple types of injuries such as flexor tendon and suspensory strains/sprains

  • release of tension & muscle spasms

  • proprioceptive defecits

  • fascial release

Please note that acute injuries require veterinary diagnosis and a period of initial healing prior to any taping taking place.

Equi-Tape can also be used for wound care - it has medical grade adhesive, is breathable and allows full range of motion.

As well as taping for horses, I am also certified to apply a number of taping protocols on humans for common rider issues. 


Low level laser therapy (LLLT), applied with a Class 3b Cold Laser can be helpful for a number of conditions:

  • healing of wounds and skin lesions

  • reduction of inflammation

  • faster healing of ligament, tendon or muscular injuries

  • reduction of pain associated with the above problems

Laser therapy can also be applied to acupressure points. I am currently working through the Tallgrass Acupressure Institute's Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure Certification program in order to introduce both regular acupressure and laser acupressure into the modalities offered by Restore Equine. 

Cranial Sacral can be performed as a full 10 step unwinding protocol.


This is useful for horses who have undergone a traumatic event or seem to be suffering from an emotional or behavioral issue that does not have an underlying medical cause.


However, I often incorporate elements of this protocol, as well as “going deeper” techniques into general massage & bodywork sessions if I feel they are beneficial to the horse.


I am currently completing case studies to be certified in this modality. Please contact me if you are interested in using your horse as a case study subject.

Alternative Therapies are NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, care or diagnosis. I cannot diagnose, prescribe medicine or neutraceuticals for, apply invasive treatment to or make skeletal adjustments to your horse (for example chiropractic & acupuncture). ALL of those things require you to be a Licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). I can only perform the specific modalities for which I am certified. If I encounter anything that I believe requires veterinary intervention I am obligated to inform you to consult with your veterinarian.

You are required to complete a new client form prior to any session taking place, as well as completing a request for General Veterinary Supervision. Equine Massage & other therapeutic modalities are considered alternative therapy by the Veterinary Board of Texas and require your primary veterinarian to confirm alternative therapy is appropriate for your horse. This is a legal requirement of the State of Texas and there will be NO exception. 

There are certain contraindications to therapeutic treatment, including but not limited to:

  • infection/fever

  • open wound/bleeding 

  • cancer

  • acute swelling of a tendon or joint, with or without lameness or pain

  • pregnancy

  • contagious skin conditions

  • EPM - has a SPECIFIC protocol and requires a commitment to continue treatment as well as veterinary clearance

If your horse presents with any previously undiagnosed contraindications you will be referred back to your veterinarian.

Post veterinary clearance, PEMF, LLLT & Equine Kinesiology Taping can be useful tools for post-surgical and post injury recovery and rehab.


New Client Form (including Price List) available for download here >> 

Your form can be emailed to me prior to your session, but I do carry printed forms with me if you are unable to download it and complete it beforehand. My email for sending your forms is: rose@restoreequine.com

Your veterinarian is welcome to contact me directly to discuss the treatment plan for your horse, and/or attend a session.

Copies of certification are available to you or your veterinarian on request.

bodywork solutions for the performance & pleasure horse

Rosemary Gillies - CESMT, CEMFT, CMWP, CEKTP