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Calandra O'Hanlan

"Rose is a rare and wonderful horsewoman with an incredible arsenal of knowledge about horses, be prepared for your horse to love her and make huge strides in their behavior and performance."

Ashley Jones

"Anyone can wave a Magnawave loop around, but not a lot of people actually know what they are doing. Rose at Restore Equine is one of the few people who truly understands the technology, how to read a horse's response, and how to adjust treatment based on the needs of each horse. 


I have seen the best impact from Magnawave when using it for regular, bi-weekly treatments as well as supplemental treatments during times of extended work, ex, horse shows. Rose makes scheduling easy and happily works around your ride times. I have one horse I like done the night before a test and one the day of a test and I've never had a problem scheduling. 


Rose also displays extensive knowledge and ability with EquiTape. Her work with my young and somewhat difficult dressage horse made a substantial difference in his approach to work. While not cold backed, he can be tense at the beginning of a ride. The tape helped him start his workout with a looser back and fewer shenanigans. Her ankle taping significantly helps horses who stock up when kept in a stall." 

Integrative Bodywork Solutions for the Performance & Pleasure Horse

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