Equine Cold Laser - Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

I am certified by AIMLA in Equine Laser Therapy.

I operate a 220mW-660mW 650nm/808nm diode laser with pulsed or continuous options. 


Laser Therapy is being used in veterinary medicine for pain management, to promote wound healing, to reduce inflammation and swelling, and for rehabilitation in both small and large animals, the following conditions currently treated successfully with lasers include:

  • Acute and chronic ear infections

  • Gum disease

  • Skin wounds caused by abscesses, hot spots, and lick granulomas

  • Acute and chronic neck and back pain

  • Fractures

  • Post-surgery pain, healing, and rehab

  • Muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries

  • Arthritis; degenerative joint diseases

  • Neuromuscular disease

  • Certain GI, urinary, respiratory conditions

  • Allergic conditions

  • Chronic rhinitis and bronchitis

  • Bacterial and viral infections

  • OCD (osteochondrosis dissecans)

  • Chronic inflammation of the intestines or urinary tract

  • Snake and insect bites

  • Neurologic events (concussions, strokes); peripheral nerve damage

Laser therapy is non invasive and can be applied without the need for sedatives. It can also be applied to acupressure points to create a systemic response within the animal. I am currently working through the Tallgrass Acupressure Institute's Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure Certification program in order to introduce both regular acupressure and laser acupressure into the modalities offered by Restore Equine. 

Laser Rental is available on request for conditions which could require daily treatment for a period of time.

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Rosemary Gillies - CESMT, CEMFT, CMWP, CEKTP


Restore Equine LLC

Certified Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist, Equi-Tape Kinesiology Tape Practitioner & PEMF Practitioner 

AIMLA Certified for Equine Laser Therapy

Teletherm Certified for Equine Infrared Thermal Imaging


Equine Massage, PEMF (Magnawave) Therapy for Horses & Riders, Kinesiology Taping for Horses & Riders, Cold Laser/LLLT, Infrared Thermal Imaging

Based in Katy, Texas and servicing the Greater Houston area.



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